SOUL CONNECTIONS - spiritual evolution & transformation

Experience Ancient Healing Wisdom applied in new ways

  Experience balance, harmony & flow
Atlantis Crystal Healing is a healing union of sacred mantra, Divine Mother energy, and the light of crystals all working in harmony for
your highest good.

Return to your natural state of well-being
Since the time of Atlantis is has been known that crystals carry a
high light frequency and have the power to activate the self- healing powers of the body, allowing our natural state of well-being to be positively stimulated.

Live your full potential
Potentials and qualities show in the form of crystalline structures in our body and aura. These are qualities we brought into this incarnation to support ourselves to reach our incarnational goals and to fulfil our tasks. Special crystals can bring light into these structures so our potential can unfold and shine through in our daily life.
Let yourself be inspired by the light and power of crystals and experience new ways to increase your well-being and health
£60 per session


Atlantis Crystal Healing Treatments
During a consultation Bari will assess your needs and select the most appropriate treatment method for you from the many options available.
Crystal healing can be beautifully integrated into an existing treatment plan as the great variety of methods will both supplement and enhance orthodox, and complementary procedures. The healing is non-verbal with deep-reaching effects.

Crystals can be used on the physical body as well as on energetic levels to clear imbalances and transform dis-ease patterns.
Holistic Stone Treatment
This treatment is very powerful and works on the physical body, energy bodies and chakras. It is useful for people stuck in structures such as family power structures, alcoholism, traumatic emotional problems.

Herkimer Crystal Treatment
Herkimers have a huge power of light and are often used to clear blockages from the physical or the energy bodies that have not responded to other methods.
Cellular Healing of the Physical Body
Cells carry their own light information but sometimes they don't work effectively because something happened and they no longer have the right information. This treatment takes out of the cells the mis-information and brings the correct light information back, so that the cells know what to do.
Crystal Surgery
This treatment carries a lot of divine white fire working in the physical and energy bodies to first clear and cleanse that which is causing the problem and then to bring in light from the Shiva/Shakti level into the area needing support.
The seven main chakras are the energy centres of the physical body and are connected to the hormonal glands. Every chakra has its own light quality and potential, which we can consciously use.
Chakra Balancing & Healing
This treatment provides balancing and deep healing. We treat one chakra per session as this will bring into effect the entire chakra system and you need to allow time to deal with the changes that the healing can bring.
Implant a Chakra
If a chakra is deficient or blocked or needs a higher energy level then light information can be implanted using a crystal.

Aura Balance
A dynamic treatment aimed to bring harmony to the aura and the energy bodies. It is a remarkable method for creating instant equilibrium and a crystal clear focus within. Agitated emotions and thoughts are smoothed out by this method and we are bought back to our centre. 

Crystals can enable us to awaken our qualities and realise our full potential. They also support us in the integration of new energies flowing to Earth at this time.
The Vision Crystal
The Vision Crystal is a Holy Master Crystal, it grants access out of unity to give us insights and guidance from the very highest levels. This is helpful for life path choices or at times of big decisions.
Golden Crystal
At this time the golden light is flowing to earth and some people need help to integrate it into their bodies. The Golden Light Crystal will help the light enter and flow through your energy system leaving your body feeling more comfortable.
Starlight Crystal
The starlight crystal re-connects the crystalline structures of the body and aura with the original light, the starlight, from the cosmic realms. This enhances the energy flow in the body helping to free your potential so you can live it.

Personal Protection Crystals
Protection crystals strengthen our inner selves, and prevent us from taking up negative energies from other people and our environment. They are worn as a pendant around the heart chakra where they unfold their energy and create a powerful field of protection.
New Moon Crystals
The moon cycle is a time when the Golden light comes from heaven into earth. New moon crystals are charged with the black-golden Light of the new age and are worn as a pendant to help the light from heaven anchor into earth.
The quality of energy coming through is changing each month with the moon cycle, so these crystals are updated monthly.
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