SOUL CONNECTIONS - spiritual evolution & transformation
Alchemy is an ancient art said to represent the journey of the soul, the evolution of consciousness. Just as alchemists of old were credited with the capability of turning base metals into something precious, like gold or silver, so it is with our emotions. We have the capability to turn our base emotions into something precious, into pure life force energy. Our emotions are not something to be afraid of, or something to repress, rather they are the material through which we can find freedom and shine!
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
EFT works with your subtle energies and emotions to improve your health and well-being. It involves tapping on certain energy meridian points to clear old stored energy and emotional response patterns and beliefs.
We can choose to have emotional freedom and to let go of old hurt, resentment, sadness, guilt, fear and other limiting (base) emotions. As we let go of these old emotions more energy is freed for us to use creatively and we feel more vital and alive. As we release darker aspects we may find we become free from self-doubt and worry and have more clarity of purpose, more gratitude and more love.
Even if think your problem is not emotional but is rather mind based (like having a busy mind or a repetitive thought patterns) on close inspection you will find that your thoughts connect to an anxiety/fear inside of you. EFT helps identify and work with the core emotion which when transmuted allows the thought pattern to fall away.
By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too.
Because the body and mind are connected, repressed negative emotions can develop into a range of physical symptoms, so when clearing out emotional debris we find physical ailments start to dissolve too.
Once you have experienced the benefits for yourself EFT will be a friend for life -  used regularly it is truly an amazing self-empowering tool!
Arrange an EFT session now and turn your emotions into Gold!
£60/$90 per session
The treatment in EFT had an amazing effect on my health and well being. I felt a huge relief during and ongoing after the session. The empathy which was given to me supported the healing effect and made me relaxed and open to let go old habits and fears. I am very grateful for the treatment in EFT and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bari as an EFT therapist.
Laryna, Scotland
What amazing work. I learn so much about myself and see how I change in my interaction with others, even people reflected to me that they notice a shift and that my eyes are more clear and shining. I appreciate your great sensitive work. My gratitude is far beyond words.
Sabine, Germany
I've never experienced anything quite like it. From tears to laughter in an instant. When I think of all the years I've been searching for help, I still can't quite believe it. I feel such relief, I feel so free and light. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful gift into my life.
Sharon, England
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