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World renowned Spiritual Healer
João Teixeira da Faria, known as John of God, runs The Casa de Dom Inácio healing centre in a little town called Abadiânia, west of Brasilia.
The Casa was established over 30 years ago and is an open house where all who seek healing, support or spiritual upliftment are welcome.
'I have never healed anybody. 
It is God and the good entities who heal'  Medium Joao
The Casa operates every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There are two sessions each day during which Medium John attends to several hundred people - giving out herbs, prescribing crystal bed sessions, and performing visible and invisible surgeries. During his 50+ years of ministry he has had extraordinary success in helping people to heal from conditions such AIDS, Cancer, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes. He also attends to individuals with addictions, psychological disturbances and obsessive spirit attachments. He has helped many cases deemed incurable and continues to have a success rate unheard of in Western medicine. Remarkably, he doesn’t charge anything for his healings.
'Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering'    Padre Pio

Although the Casa is a non-religious, non-denominational organisation and welcomes people from all beliefs, the guiding philosophy of the Casa is Spiritism. Healing is understood to be the result of a soul collaborationon the part of the spirit entities who work through medium John and the patient.

The healing Entities who work through John of God are the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons, masters, and saints led by
St Ignatius de Loyola, father of the Casa.

   'For those that believe no words are necessary,
 for those that do not believe no words are possible'.
St Ignatius De Loyola (Dom Inacio)

Bari is an authorised Group Leader for the Casa de Dom Inácio and offers guided tours to visit John of God in this healing house of Love. Her role is to maximise your healing experience at the Casa by helping you prepare, guiding you through protocol & logistics and supporting you through your own processing & integration. Bari has been guiding for over 7 years and specialises in 1:1 and small group work.

Bari is next at the Casa
 15 January through to 28 February 2017
31July - 12 August 2017

12 NIGHT GROUP TRIPS -  max 8 persons.
If you would like to be part of a small group and have all the details taken care of for you then the value of a Group trip is $1495/£975 per person.

This includes:         
* Transport to and from Brasilia airport     
* 12 nights accommodation including 3 meals a day in a top pousada   
* Casa introduction & orientation    
* Prepartion to meet the entity
* Daily support at the Casa   
* Group review on Casa days and a weekly 1:1 review.   
* Accompanied group visit to the waterfall
* Orientation to the local area & facilities
Not included: flights, travel insurance, gratuities, crystal bed treatments, Casa herbs.

As Bari often stays at the Casa for extended periods it may also be possible to tailor your own dates, and indeed your whole stay. 
You may like to choose your own accommodation and how long you would like a guide for. In this instance the value of Bari's guiding service per week is $355/£244 per person.

This includes:
* Casa introduction & orientation
* Preparation to meet the entity
* Daily support at the Casa
* Support in your healing/processing
* Weekly review of your progress and forwards plan
* Accompanied visit to the Casa Waterfall
* Orientation to the local area & facilities

Please note Medium João has not confirmed any travel plans for 2017. However should he travel at any point The Casa will still operate during these dates although Medium João will not be in attendance.

    To discuss your specific needs, including date options, please contact Bari by email:
    'Disease is susceptible to the healing power of Love. 
    Love brings Light and Hope and
    a sense of Belonging to those who are struggling,
    seemingly alone, in turbulent times'


    Bari has a blessed Crystal Bed from the Casa and sessions are available in Glastonbury, UK.

    Sessions are from 
    20-60 minutes in duration. 
    Sessions are from £20 for 20min 
    up to £50 for one hour.

    Call Bari to book in for a
     crystal bed healing session

    07726 762656

    If you are based in the UK whether you are thinking of going to see John of God, are looking for ongoing support after a visit or would like to experience this healing vibration for the first time you are welcome to attend our weekly meditation group:
    John of God Current ~
    A Group Meditation session 
    hosted by Bari.

    This is a great opportunity to experience the
    healing current of the Casa.

    Every Thursdayy, 7.30pm, in the Miracles Room, Glastonbury Experience, Glastonbury.

    Useful websites:


    Debbie & Trevor Walker, Australia
    ''Bari guided Trevor and myself at the beginning of our healing journey. Her knowledge of how the Casa and the entities operate, her willingness to answer our many questions and her loving presence was the beginning of an incredible healing journey for both of us. We felt totally accepted and supported by her compassionate nature which allowed us to relax and open to the divine energies. Our healing process was greatly enhanced and deepened by Bari's wisdom and commitment to love. She was a guiding light for our healing journey at the Casa Dom Inacio and the time we spent with Bari was invaluable. I would recommend Bari to anyone visiting the Casa''.
    Beth, USA.
    ''You might very well "miss the whole show" (or much of it) if you travel to Abadiania without a guide or without a very well-informed guide. Bari was, without a doubt, the exact right person for me to place my trust in. Bari's organization and planning skills are superb. I didn't have to worry about a thing logistically, which allowed me to focus on the healing work at hand. In addition to her knowledge of the inner workings of the casa and the spiritual realm, Bari has an incredible gift for gently drawing out internal issues that can then be addressed by the Entities for healing. Her calming presence, her quiet self-assured manner, her unwavering acceptance and non-judgmental manner and her delightful sense of humor helped me to feel safe and allowed me to work deep into areas that needed resolution. Bari has an incredible gift and willingness to work one-on-one with those she guides.''

    Alla, Canada
    " Bari chooses to work with smaller groups so that each participant can have one on one time with her. As I know now, it is very important to have a professional support during your stay. Bari took time to understand my needs, explained Casa protocols as they could be quite confusing, walked me through each step of my healing process and helped me to deal with my emotions. She literally was there when I needed her whether to explain what was happening to me or to bring me food. I truly believe that without Bari's guidance and support I wouldn't benefit as much as I did. Bari is way more than a guide...
    I am very thankful to Bari for her gentle approach, ability to listen and emotional support. I can't wish for better guidance than I receive from Bari. I hope she continues to help others and God bless her."

     Suna, Turkey
    I can't imagine a more proper guide than Bari for the entrance to the world of self consciousness and sprituality. She is a lovely person consisted of compassion, devotion and love. I beleive that meeting her is an oppurtinity bestowed on me by the highest souls!

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