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'I Am the Soul,
I Am the Light Divine,
I Am Love,
I Am Will,
I Am Fixed Design.

I  Am the Monad,
I Am the Light Divine,
I Am Love,
I Am Will,
I Am Fixed Design'.
''This mantra was brought to us by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey. It is the mantra of the Great White Brotherhood. It is an extremely powerful mantra to invoke your "Soul/Higher Self" and "Monad/God Presence".
This is also an excellent mantra to assist with the building of your Antakarana (Rainbow Bridge). Using this mantra you build a rainbow bridge to your Soul (I AM Presence) and your Monad (God Presence - group soul) as well as to other extraterrestrial, celestial and Angelic origins.

What is a Monad?
The "Soul" is your first "Higher Self". This Soul, is one of at least 11 other Souls created by your "Monad" (your God Presence/ Super Higher Self/Group Soul). Your Monad consists of at least 12 Souls, and 144 Soul Extensions. These soul extensions may be strewn out across space, time and dimension. Some may be on this planet, but many may not. 

Using the Soul Mantra helps facilitate the activation of the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras. This is extremely important to your process of awakening, ascension and grounding of your "God Presence".
How does the Soul Mantra work?
1. Saying, "I AM the Soul" and "I AM the Monad" is extremely powerful and affirms the fact that you are not separate. "I AM the Soul" invokes the I AM Presence, the Solar Angel Self whilst "I AM the Monad" affirms and acknowledges that you are God-Goddess Presence/Wholeness.
2. Decreeing "I AM the Light Divine" activates your Rainbow Bridge to the higher dimensions, your connection to heaven and earth.
3. "I AM Love" acknowledges what you truly are and invokes the Rose-Pink Love color/light/energy of the Soul Star, which floods your Central Channel.
4. "I AM Will" invokes the purple, brilliant clear red, white and/or indigo blue colors into your Central Channel.
5. "I AM Fixed Design" activates your chakras and psychic centers within your Central Channel. 
6. The "Fixed Design", is your personal Divine Plan or Soul Mission, which of course, is in complete alignment with the Divine Plan. It is related to your Divine Function, or what you have come here to accomplish on planet earth in the New Civilization of Light. It is also a reminder of your Divine Essence, the true essence that never changes throughout time, space and dimension.

It is recommended to begin all mantras with this mantra as it activates your Soul/Monad, creating a space to receive.
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The Soul Mantra
Mantra from the work of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey
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